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Activating Media 


Site: Waterman Gallery, Rhode Island School of Design


City/State: Providence, RI

Country: U.S.A

Year: 2018

Annual Show of the RISD Department of Interior Architecture. The goal of the show is to display what are the major topics the department deals with and what students produce during their Undergraduate and Graduate Studies. During 2018 the show was organized on the first floor of the RISD Nature Lab, one of the historical and most popular building of the RISD campus.
The design was composed by a parametric paper installation on the ceiling of the three rooms dedicated to the exhibition that contrast the brick structure of the historical building and at the same time ‘activate’ the space for the exhibition. The ceiling work as a guide for the visitors leading them to follow certain directions or observe specific objects. In the last room the ceiling becomes a large projection screen for displaying animated geometrical drawing realized by the students.

Team: Joyce Kutty, Ye Zhang

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