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AXONOMETRY table.jpg

Table for instruction and Game's cards

Table and board of the Game

Containers for Sand, Water, and Game parts

Detail 01_FIN.jpg

Water (Player 2)

Building Pawns (Player 1)

Infrastructure Pieces (Player 1)

Site: Porto design Bienniale 2021


City/State: Porto

Country: Portugal

Year: 2021

Cascading, The Game is a participatory exhibition aimed to raise awareness about the effect of human actions on the environment. The Game was designed by Dalia Munenzon, member of the design team,  who firstly developed it for the DredgeFest Great Lakes 2015 symposium. As Munenzon writes: "It’s an experiment aimed to discuss the inevitability of climate events and cascading dynamics. It emphasizes the relationship between human actions and the planet, allows the players to address their temporal awareness and come to terms with Nature’s cycles". 

The participatory exhibit/Game is composed by a central table representing the landscape of Porto and a series of info tables and containers. The latter hold the pieces of the Game which is played by two players, Human (Player 1) and Nature (Player 2). Both are asked to pick a card and follow the written instructions which ask them to add/remove sand or water, place infrastructures, and intervene in the landscape and observe the consequences of their action.

Detail 02_FIN.jpg

Water (Player 2)

Sand (Player 2)

Trees (Player 2)

Infrastructures Pieces (Player 1)


Images of the site selected from the PDB21 provided google map “Illustrative map of space typologies in Porto and Matosinhos”

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