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Paper Interior

Site: Waterman Gallery, Rhode Island School of Design


City/State: Providence, RI

Country: U.S.A

Year: 2022

Annual Show of the RISD Department of Interior Architecture. The goal of the show is to display what are the major topics the department deals with and what students produce during their Undergraduate and Graduate Studies. The exhibit is also an occasion to spatially and conceptually represent the interaction between our department's programs, Adaptive Reuse and Exhibition Design. The 2022 exhibit was entirely realized with tracing paper which worked as a background for displayed framed drawings, models, pamphlets, and books. For architects and designer tracing paper is where all ideas start taking form; for students is the professor's tool through which their idea are questioned and their doubts resolved. Every time I hold a desk crib my student ask me to keep the messy piece of tracing paper we both sketch on during our discussion. Often I see those pieces of paper carefully preserved on their desks or pinned on them. This tracing paper spaces is a tribute to a classical tool of our teaching and learning life as architect and design. The sketching paper is an ephemeral place of creation and sharing.

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